Architectural Composite Insulated Wall System

1. Green Wall System (GWS)

2. Green Bathroom System (GBS)

3. Green Magnesium Panel System (GMS)

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Green Wall System [GWS-Green Wall System]

The Green Wall System (GWS) is a thermal composite panel wall. The GWS is installed at steel structure or concrete structure frame by patented clamp. The Green Panel System is used as a non-bearing exterior wall cladding on buildings. And we just install gypsum board to opposite side of frame to complete exterior wall. GWS requires 4 activities to complete exterior wall. Green Panel - Waterproof Paper - Metal Stud - Gypsum Baorad.

Green Bathroom System [GBS-Green Bathroom System]

Green Bathroom System (GBS) is a advanced prefabricated bathroom. GBS panel has a lot of strong point than conventional method to build bathroom. This system is the most advanced system on bathroom industries. It will have you save a lot of money and time.

Green Magnesium Panel System (GMS-Green Magnesium Panel System]

Green Magnesium Panel is a ultra light weight wall panel. Main material of panel are MgCI2, MgO2, fly ash and admixtures. It has a lot of advantages such as ultra light weight, fire-resistant, sound proof, easy installation, anti shake, good thermal conductivity, environmental material, shortening construction period, dry method material, and save construction cost.

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