Dear Sir,

We are pleased to announce the birth of a state-of-art, cost-effective, Green Walls System from US Green Panel Inc in the United States! Our company has devoted the last 10 years to creating the most modern, functional and economically savvy Green Walls System that have been successfully built for building in a world.

The Green Walls System has many aspects whereas traditional walls do not offer. It is built with high quality products that provide a contemporary look, a shorten installation period, and a price point almost 50% less than other conventional construction cost! The Green Walls System has an advanced features and its maintenance is easy as can be!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the unforgettable Green Wall System (GWS), Green Bathroom System (GBS), and Green M Wall System (GMS).

We would be absolutely delighted to send you more information if you have any question and are are looking forward to working with you to creat yet another beautiful and functional masterpiece!

Sincerely yours,

Howard Shinn


US Green Panel Inc.