Green Bathroom System

    Strong Points of Green Bathroom System

    Thank you for your interest in Green Bathroom System (GBS).

    GBS panel has a lot of strong point than conventional method to build bathroom as follow:

    1. Wall panel size is a customized prefabricated tiled panel (Normal size is 4'x4')
    2. DIY easy installation by unskilled labor with a well explained manual book.
    3. High quality tiled wall panel from factory by custom size order.
    4. Less construction cost than conventional way.
    5. Shorten construction period.
    6. Perfect water proofing for wall and floor.
    7. It has a floor drain.

    This system is the most advanced system on bathroom industries.

    If you enjoy GBS, you will save a lot of money and time.

    Sincerely yours,

    Howard Shinn, CEO

    US Green Panels Inc.

      1. What is GBS?

      • a. It has a prefabricated tiled wall panel from factory by shop drawing.
      • b. A tiled wall panel is assembled at site by 2 crews within 3 hours.
      • c. It has a floor drain.
      • d. It is the most economical construction cost.

      2. GBS Thin Wall Thickness

      • GBS has the thin wall thickness including plumbing line as follow:
        • GBS Wall Thickness: 7mm(THK) + 15mm (PU Back Board) + 53mm (Metal Stud) + 19mm (2PLY Gypsum Baord) = Total 94mm

      3. GBS Construction Period by 2 men (1-skilled + 1-helper): Total 23 hours

        (Bathroom size: 1.7m x 2.0m)

      1. Waterproofing with frame: 2 hours
      2. GBS Wall Panel installation: 2.5 hours
      3. SMC Ceiling Panel installation: 1.5 hours
      4. Tile Motoar bedding: 5 hours
      5. Rough plumbing & electronic wiring: 4 hours
      6. Finish plumbing fixture: 4 hours
      7. Toilet accessories installation: 2 hours
      8. Door set and hardware installation: 2 hours

        Green Bathroom System Wall Panel

        1. Product Name: GBS
        2. Place of Origin: Korea
        3. Model Number: GBS16
        4. Panel Material:
          • a. PU Panel (Tile + Polyurethane BD with Steel Frame)
          • b. PVC Panel (Tile + PVC BD + Back BD)
        5. Type: Prefabricated Tiled Wall Panel for Wet Area
        6. Width: 4'-0" (Standard size) & Custom size
        7. Height: 4'-0" (Standard size)
        8. Thickness: 23-25mm PU Panel and 19mm PVC Panel
        9. Panel Weight: Less than 5 lbs/pcs
        10. Application: Bathroom wall, Kitchen wall, Food factory, Wet area
        11. Surface: Tile, Marble, Stone, Wood, Metal
        12. Color: Any color is available

          GBS New Bathroom without Walls

          Wall Panel

          Green Bathroom System Perspective

          • Surface: Tile, Stone, Marble, etc.
          • Surface THK: 7 ~ 10mm
          • BackBoard: PU Foam Board 15mm
          • Back BD Frame: Plywood 6mm
          • Panel Size: 800 x 2250 or Customized

            Green Bathroom System Wall Section

            • Sound proof insulation will be installed in metal stud.
            • Insulation of hot water line will be installed in metal stud.

              GBS New Bathroom with Walls

              Wall Panel

              Green Bathroom System Perspective

              • Surface: Tile, Stone, Marble, etc.
              • Surface THK: 7mm
              • BackBoard: Polyurethane Rigid Board
              • Back BD Frame: Steel Frame
              • Panel Size: 1200 x 1200 or Customized

                Green Bathroom System Wall Panel Installation

                  Connecting Hardware

                    Strong Point of GBS Wall Panel

                    1. Perfect wall & floor waterproofing
                    2. Vertical and horizontal panel installation
                    3. Tile size and panel size are adjustable upon client request.
                    4. Wall panel grouting thickness is 4mm.
                    5. Wall panel heights make 4'-0" module.
                    6. DIY installation by easy-to-follow manual
                    7. Connecting hardware is available.
                    8. Any surface material can be installed.
                    9. GBS wall panel 1.2mx1.2m weights less than 50lbs/piece
                    10. Shortening construction period
                    11. Lower construction cost.
                    12. Easy maintenance


                      • Sky High School Domitory

                      • Apartments and Resorts Villa

                      • GBS Condominium

                      • Hotel Restroom