Green Wall System

The Green Wall System (GWS) is a thermal composite panel wall. The Green Wall System is installed at steel structural or concrete structural frame by patented clamp. The Green Panel System is used as a non-bearing exterior wall cladding on buildings. And we just install gypsum board to opposite side of frame to complete exterior wall. GWS requires 4 activities to complete exterior wall. Green Panel - Waterproof Paper - Metal Stud - Gypsum Board.

    Green Wall System Advantages

    1. Thermal protection at outside of structure.
    2. Only 4 activities to complete wall.
    3. Working with various surface material (granite, marble, tile, teflon fiber board)
    4. Fire rated polyurethane core.
    5. Patented installation hardware
    6. No need curing
    7. DIY by installation manual
    8. No heat exchange
    9. Perfect sealing
    10. Lowering construction cost

      GWS Panel Specification

      Panel size: mm

      1. 600x600
      2. 600x1,200
      3. Custom order size by project drawings

      GWS Panel Surface

      • Granite, Porcelain Tile, Teflon Fiber Board

        GWS Panel Installation Details (One Activity Wall Finish)

        Granite Panel on Concrete Wall

        Porcelain Tile Panel on Metal Stud

        Teflon Fiber Panel on Metal Stud

        Panel Installation

          GWS Installation

          Porcelain Tile Panel

          Porcelain Tile Panel

          GWS Perspective

          GWS Construction

            Green Wall System (Section)

                GWS Gallery

            • Pension

            • Villa

            • Art Gallery

            • Office Building

            • Shopping Center

            • Passive House

            • Passive House